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Working From Home, Securely

With the recent introduction of the free Office 365 six month trial being available for businesses to use Microsoft Teams and other Office apps to make working from home an easy and enjoyable experience – Many may not be thinking about cyberattacks and the risks they bring.

Right now, COVID-19 is making it mandatory for businesses in South Africa and around the world to work from home. Whilst this puts a major strain on IT and security teams who need to cater support for many remote workers – it has also brought life to the bigger question surrounding compromised security with working remotely.

SNS Technologies has a solution! We are assisting businesses adopting Work From Home mindsets by making some of our security systems powered by Cisco Umbrella free for users for 90 days. Experience 3 months of protection to help you kick start your journey towards creating your Virtual Office anywhere!

This form of advanced protection protects users from malicious Internet destination attacks whether they are on the network, or not. The processes are easy to deploy and Umbrella is suited for any business regardless of it’s size. The way that Umbrella is managed within the Cloud makes it easy to manage and protect users everywhere within a matter of minutes.

The advanced security policies also enables organisations to verify user identities before granting application access to users working remotely or otherwise. Cisco is known to employ a zero-trust model and their advanced protection systems reduce risks and decrease attack surfaces.

This level of security protects your organisations systems and data beyond just your firewall. Your users will be protected even when they are working remotely and are outside your corporate firewall.

Remote working can make your users vulnerable to many ransomware and other attacks whilst you have minimum visibility and protection. Users will have access to first line defence mechanisms against threats on the Internet wherever they go.

We can help you mitigate these risks and:

It is important to ensure that all employees have a basic understanding of access policies so that they will be able to easily identify if access on their personal devices are blocked, and how to go about getting the support they need.

Working from home does not compromise your teams ability to collaborate. Reassure employees that they can still be social, communicate with ease and still keep their work loads secure and productive by turning any work space into their very own Virtual Office during these volatile times.

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