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Why Secure Web Gateways Are Becoming Outdated


In today’s digital landscape, businesses operate within complex ecosystems where connections between corporations, customers, suppliers, and partners intersect daily. As the world becomes more open and connected, ensuring cybersecurity is paramount. However, traditional security approaches struggle to keep pace with the ever-evolving challenges posed by a multi-environment IT reality. In this article, we explore the reasons why secure web gateways are becoming outdated. Once considered a stronghold of security, are now showing signs of obsolescence.

Challenges to Security Resilience: 

Security is the linchpin of modern organizations, but achieving a balance in a constantly connected environment presents unique challenges:

  1. Mobility: With users working from anywhere, devices outside the corporate network become vulnerable to malware, especially when not using a VPN.
  2. Branch Offices: Increasingly, branch offices connect directly to the internet, leaving on-site devices and data exposed. This vulnerability intensifies as companies adopt software-defined WAN.
  3. Cloud-Based Apps: Businesses embracing cloud services often place corporate data beyond traditional perimeters, challenging security protocols.
  4. New Threats: The current threat landscape is riddled with complex and dangerous security threats that strain IT security teams.
  5. BYOD and IoT: Personal devices and IoT endpoints further expand the attack surface, making it harder to secure networks.
Traditional Security vs. Modern Needs: 

Traditional security solutions are struggling to keep pace with the dynamic and ever-changing nature of modern IT environments. To address these challenges effectively, a modern security environment should:

  1. Provide Comprehensive Visibility: Modern security should offer insight into user activities, even in SaaS apps and cloud services, to prevent data exposure.
  2. Anticipate Threats: Rather than relying on static reputation scores, modern security should anticipate and thwart threats before they become active.
  3. Close Integration Gaps: Unlike traditional solutions, modern security platforms should seamlessly integrate with existing security stacks, avoiding silos and providing a coherent overview of the environment.

Cisco Umbrella:

The Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) of the Future: Cisco Umbrella represents a paradigm shift in security. It serves as the first line of defense against threats, ensuring that all internet traffic passes through it, blocking malware and phishing sites before they reach endpoints. Key features and benefits of Cisco Umbrella include:

  1. Visibility and Protection Everywhere: Umbrella offers comprehensive visibility and protection for all network devices, locations, roaming users, and applications, whether on or off the corporate network.
  2. Anticipation of Threats: It employs intelligence to predict and prevent attacks using vast amounts of internet request data, stopping threats at the DNS and IP layers.
  3. Seamless Integration: Umbrella provides open APIs for easy integration with existing security stacks, extending protection beyond traditional perimeters.
  4. Ease of Deployment: It can be deployed in minutes, leveraging existing Cisco infrastructure with minimal disruption.
  5. Business Uptime and Speed: With Anycast routing and automatic load balancing, Umbrella ensures 100% business uptime at maximum speed.
  6. Actionable Threat Intelligence: Umbrella provides detailed information about blocked domains and attacker infrastructure, aiding in proactive security measures.

Conclusion: As the digital landscape continues to evolve, traditional secure web gateways are proving inadequate to meet the demands of modern cybersecurity. Cisco Umbrella, with its forward-looking approach, provides a comprehensive security solution that anticipates threats, offers seamless integration, and ensures business continuity in an always-connected world. To stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape, organizations must consider embracing such innovative security platforms like Cisco Umbrella.

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And That Is Why Secure Web Gateways Are Becoming Outdated

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