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Microsoft Teams Phone System Makes More Sense Now Than Ever. Unlimited Calls, Existing Devices

The evolution of business telecommunication over the past decade has been an era of constant change. From analogue switch boards to premi-cells, VOIP, IP Telephony, hosted PBX, fibre, to a recent world of video conferencing, there is just always the next best thing.

Well hold on folks, it’s happened again, Microsoft has Enabled core Microsoft Teams calling functionality on compatible legacy SIP phones with SIP Gateway.

For the less “technical jargon gifted”, like myself it may not seem very appealing, however it’s going to change the way businesses communicate and digitally transform forever.

Microsoft Teams phones system or teams calling known to others, is a cloud-based phone system in Microsoft Teams. Together, they deliver the most productive all-in-one communication solution that brings together calling, chat, and meetings into a single app. Businesses of all sizes from small SMEs to multinational enterprises have already transitioned onto Microsoft Teams phone system.

So, we tend to ask our self well, this sound great, why isn’t every organization using it? Well, now it’s just a matter. Now that, take a breath, Microsoft has Enabled core Microsoft Teams calling functionality on compatible legacy SIP phones with SIP Gateway, businesses will be able to use existing IP phones to use Microsoft teams phone system/teams calling without having to invest in new physical teams certified devices.

While Microsoft Teams phone devices provide the richest and most complete Teams experience, Microsoft has understood that there are many customers with existing investments in traditional IP handsets. To help customers leverage their existing telephony hardware as they move to Teams phone system, Microsoft has introduced a solution that enables core Teams calling functionality on compatible SIP phone models from Cisco, Poly, Yealink and AudioCodes.

Out of the box Teams phone system does not require a user to have any Teams specific hardware, any mobile device, pc, or tablet can essentially be a telephone extension on your business telephone system. With the ability to port your existing number, offering all the features of IP telephony, the fact it lives in Microsoft 365 and now is also compatible with your existing IP handsets it now must be a consideration for every business.

Businesses who have already transitioned have a achieved a sense of consolidation never seen before. Team business voice is delivered as part of your Microsoft 365 licensing structure eliminating 3rd party telephone providers, hosted PBX licenses and any hassle of physical PBX hardware onsite.

Is your Business ready to transform? Sns Technologies has assisted multiple organization with transitioning to Microsoft Teams phone system. With our new “unlimited calls” with Microsoft Teams to all networks at any time we are creating a world of fixed cost business telecommunications costs and eradicated the woes of fluctuating call usages and the parenting of itemized billing.

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