Have you got your Year-End IT Checklist ticked off?

Have you considered the importance of getting your IT ducks in a row before you close for the Summer? – Don’t know where to begin? – No problem!

Sns Technologies has compiled a simple, yet concise checklist for you to tick against to ensure that your tech gear and processes aren’t out of step with your business strategy, your SME business is up-to-date and ready to operate from the first day back!

Here is our security checklist that SMEs can follow as part of this review

  1. Windows 7 End-of-Support
  • Are you prepared for the Windows 7 end-of-support? 
  • Have you upgraded to Windows 10?  
  • Do you have all necessary compliance needs to migrate to Windows 10?

2. Data backup 

  • For critical data (this is any information utilized on a daily basis – do you back it up on a server or backup to a remote location?)
  • For important data (this is any information that isn’t used daily, nor updated often – do you centralize and back it up on a server and semi-regularly back it up off-site?)

3. Desktop security 

  • Do all computers have working anti-virus software?  
  • Do you have a security policy for downloading and installing new software?  
  • Are all computers updated with the latest system updates and security patches?  

4. Internet and network security 

  • Do you have a firewall and intrusion detection on all web connections?  
  • Do you use a virtual private network for remote access?  
  • Are all modem and wireless access connections known and secured?  

5. Privacy and sensitive information 

  • Is customer financial information encrypted and accessible only to those who need it?  
  • Are paper files kept in locked filing cabinets with controlled access?