Work Remotely, Without Feeling Remote

How do you move all of your of employees to remote work overnight with the COVID-19 outbreak spreading around the world? Can It Be Done? Yes, Yes, Yes, WE can. Workers everywhere are adjusting to meeting, chatting, and collaborating exclusively online. After spending a lot of time learning about the best ways to make working from home productive and healthy, we’ve found some tips to help you meet these “challenges”.

Businesses and employees who try to break the shackles of the 8 to 5 office desk,  have found that is not always easy to do without the right partner to get going. Besides offering the right tools and guiding employees on work from home best practices,we would like to share some of our expertise and recipe for success to help businesses modernise. Due to the unfortunate  global pandemic of COVID-19, this is becoming a necessity for more and more business owners. 

If employees don’t have a “home office”, don’t worry! They will be able to work from home productively with ease . In fact, we deploy Office 365 as an online hub for teamwork, that people can take anywhere they go. While some may not have a printer, physical files, or a desk phone at home, you can pull up documents directly in the cloud, securely store files where the right people can access them, and quickly jump into calls and meetings. A breakfast nook, a quiet corner of the bedroom, the family dining room table – any focus-friendly area can double up as a desk in the office. 

Not being able to see staff face-to-face can be challenging for company culture. Thankfully, we focus on visibility and enriching company values, that allows you to see the latest activity, posts, and document uploads within a common platform, significantly helps with this modernisation.

We understand that every individual and team works differently. However, we want you to stay productive and connected as you adjust to a new way of working. In conjunction with Microsoft, SNS Technologies is allowing businesses to achieve this with a 6 months free trial of Office 365 including teams, for your business. This free access to Office 365 is an initiative that has specifically been extended to business due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Be ready, remote-work ready!