Voice Lines

Look beyond analogue copper infrastructure. Our voice solution provides you with flexible carrier-grade voice services. With our voice service you will save on call rates, which is always great in a cost-conscious environment. Choose a voice provider that delivers a tailored solution for all your local, national, international and mobile calls.

  • Enterprise business voice quality
  • Flexibility to upgrade and downgrade
  • Competitive voice rates


If you are looking of an unparalleled Internet experience or a  business looking for an uncapped and unshaped solution,speak to Sns Technologies about our Fibre options.

Our fibre options suffers from no congestion, resulting in superior speeds and low latencies/delay time.

The fibre connection is symmetrical and provides equal upload and download speeds. A lower contention or sharing ratio, ensures a higher the quality of service.


Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a type of data-carrying technique for high-performance network requirements . MPLS directs data from one network place to the next, based on “short path labels” rather than long network addresses, avoiding complex lookups in a routing table.

An MPLS is the preium solution when moving information between multi site location.  When speed and security is key there is no substitute.

I Wan/SD Wan

With IWAN, organizations no longer need to have extremely expensive MPLS WAN circuits at each of their locations with long contract terms.  Organizations can now use low-cost Internet links that utilize the Internet as their WAN.  The Internet is no longer the unknown or new thing. It’s really just a low-cost commodity that is much more stable than it has been in the past with very attractive price-to-performance ratios. IWAN enables businesses to smoothly switch from expensive MPLS WAN connections to a far less expensive Internet transport with no compromise in terms of application performance, reliability, or security