Our Response to COVID-19

We are refocusing our efforts to keep businesses aware, healthy and productive during these tough times. From affordable access to services, to supporting organizations through business digital transformation with guidance and support during the pandemic. We are here to help!

In recent times, technology has come to the rescue of many businesses; however, due to the pandemic many predict and believe that this is a role that has just begun. We can all agree that the way we are used to working will never again be the same, due to COVID-19. What worked in the past will not necessarily work in the present or benefit companies in the future. Many of the organizations coping best or even thriving in the current crisis share a common attribute, they already had a digital transformation strategy in place.

Not sure where to start? We understand that transforming your business is more important now than ever before. We are encouraging businesses to take advantage of our COVID-19 offers to kickstart their digital transformation with an experienced partner.

Rapid Teams Configuration, Adoption & Support Offer

Being in the midst of containing COVID-19, many businesses have adapted to the “Work From Home” trend to stay in the loop so as to continue to succeed once business goes back to usual. Transitioning your company overnight can be cumbersome and choosing the right collaboration and communication tools, along with the right partner to help you along this digital transformation can be a critical step towards business continuity. Sns Technologies has a solution – With ways to facilitate remote work, collaboration and communication without the boundaries. We have spent many hours on end formulating the best strategies to help you make this migration. We encourage that you use Microsoft Teams to bring your team together with working remotely. Teams gives you the ability to turn any focus-area within your home into your very own Virtual Office. We offer you a no obligation, 6-month free Teams trial, with remote support. Get rapid deployment of your tenants, users and groups, along with remote setup and support sessions on Teams. All you need to achieve all of this and more is secure access to the Internet on your phone, PC or laptop and you are good to go.

The Rapid Teams Configuration, Adoption & Support Solution:

  • Hub for teamwork: Connect your teams with Microsoft Teams in Office 365, where chat, content, people, and tools live together. Use Teams to plan schedules, assign tasks, and connect to other apps and resources.
  • Online Meetings: Host online meetings with audio, HD video, and web conferencing. Broadcast meetings online for up to 10,000 people who can join with just a browser on almost any device.
  • File storage and sharing: OneDrive for Business gives each user of personal cloud storage that can be accessed from anywhere, on any device. Easily share documents with others inside and outside your organization and control who can see and edit each file.
  • Real-time co-authoring: Work together using Office apps for web including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote with multiple users being able to work on the same documents.
  • Security and Compliance: Help keep information secure with Microsoft Teams data encryption at rest and in transit.
  • Guest access: Grant people outside your organization access to existing teams and channels in Teams.
  • Online training and support: We offer more than just the above – Our deployment of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams includes assistance with remote training sessions and support to help you on your way towards adoption smoothly.

Azure For Businesses & Management Offer

Business continuity is a business’s main concern during the COVID-19 outbreak. As the coronavirus forces almost 74% of businesses, surveyed by Gartner, to switch to remote working – businesses are likely to see an increase in their Azure consumption costs. For those customers looking for an OpEx cost management solution that allows your workforce to work productively from any location, with back-up and access to all data and information no matter what. A solution, that bills you only for the cloud storage that you use – Sns Technologies’ Azure For Businesses And Management Offer is just what you need. Move your workloads to Azure and get more than just the above. We will offer you a free Azure Cloud Consultation, as well as cost management to ensure that you get the most out of your migration.

Windows Virtual Desktop Offer

COVID-19 is making it mandatory for businesses in South Africa and around the world to work from home. Although this global pandemic will come to an end, it is unlikely that things will go back to exactly as they were before. Moving over your company workloads and users remotely so suddenly can be quite challenging for those companies who do not already have the proper technologies in place. Whilst this puts a major strain on user productivity, it has also brought to life the bigger worries surrounding access to company information in a safe and secured way. With Windows Virtual Desktop now available in all geographies, users will be able to deploy scalable Azure-based virtualization solutions that include Window 10 multi-session. Multiple users having the ability to access the same virtual machine inevitably increases productivity and will ensure business continuity.

The Windows Virtual Desktop Solution:

  • Rapid adoption of the Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop platform, enabling quick response to the urgent demand for remote work resources.
  • Sns Technologies will work with you to create your desktop image.
    Eliminate traditional Remote Desktop Solutions (RDS) requirements and be billed only for the golden image.
  • You can easily retire your old VPN solution and only allow external access to LAN from a secure and managed Windows Virtual Desktop.

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