Not Office 365… Microsoft 365…

Whilst consistency is key in product names, it’s often that people get easily confused when dozens of products have multiple versions with very similar names.

Microsoft recently launched Microsoft 365 which, in Layman’s terms, is a bundle of existing product offerings available under one license. The name, however, is very similar to the already established Office 365. There is already a multitude of users who unintentionally call Office 365, Microsoft 365 – It also doesn’t at all help once you learn that Office 365 is included in Microsoft 365 and thus the reason for confusion can easily be seen.

Who’s Who in Microsoft’s Zoo?

Office 365, as we know it, is the cloud based suite of applications and services that are business centric and driven to increase productivity. Apart from the application norms, like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook – Office 365 Subscriptions also includes many more applications and services that encourage robust productivity, enhances security and better collaboration than ever before. Applications like OneNote allows you to digitally diarise and plan out absolutely any piece of content in a formal and structured format giving you lengths of easy navigation with locating files, notes and plans effortlessly. Office 365 also includes the most popular Microsoft Planner. Being a project management application, it allows individuals and teams to create, assign and organize tasks visually. It gives each team member the ability to view others’ performance effortlessly. Planner even allows you to proactively facilitate teamwork, monitor progress through timeous visibility and encourages constant coordination. 

Like Office 365, Microsoft 365 has multiple plans that you can choose from that best suits your business’s needs. The Microsoft 365 product offering now includes a suite of software that includes Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise, Mobility & Security (EMS) to foster innovation and evolution in your business. Microsoft 365 comes with a promise to empower organizations, and their users, to achieve more, both in and out of the office. 

Choosing The Right Modern Workplace Path

Deciding which between Office 365 & Microsoft 365 is ideal for your business, then adopting, can be quite complex if you aren’t already using any of the separate components of Microsoft 365. If you are, however, switching over to the combined Microsoft 365 license is an easy YES!

Microsoft 365 Business has been purpose-built specially for businesses who require solutions to two of their most prominent workplace issues. The top-in-class productivity and collaboration capabilities of Office 365, as well as proactive device management which includes enhanced security to safeguard business data and assets across various devices.

How can Microsoft 365 Business help your business?

Anywhere access: You can easily access your enterprise software from virtually anywhere with only an internet connection, phone coverage and your electronic mobile device. Due to the software running in a Microsoft data center, you can easily connect to the Internet in order to access the software. Say GOODBYE to waiting on colleagues to allow you access through attachments during office hours only, Microsoft 365 Business allows you access to any shared file, document and piece of collaborative work instantly with perfect synchronization across all devices.

Generate greater productivity: Microsoft has invested heavily in and spent great amounts of time ensuring that users admin experiences using Microsoft 365 Business are as simple and easy to navigate around as possible.

Easier navigation and understanding: The main idea is that simplicity, yields greater productivity.

Timeous syncing: Each and every user has a single source of truth. Users will always see the updated version of any document even if the editor made changes from their mobile device at home, and your point of access is from your PC in the office. No more waiting for information or hinderances in your work will now allow you greater, faster, more brilliant levels of productivity.

Robust security and reliability: Microsoft 365 Business takes care of all security and reliability responsibilities – Allowing a business’s IT Team to focus on other more important tasks. Tasks such as helping users get the most out of enterprise systems. 

Microsoft to Invest in data centres in SA !

“Few places in the world are as dynamic and diverse as Africa today. In this landscape, we see enormous opportunity for the cloud to accelerate innovation, support people across the continent who are working to transform their businesses, explore new entrepreneurship opportunities and help solve some of the worlds hardest problems. For these reasons, Im very excited to share our plans to deliver the Microsoft Cloud from datacenters in Africa.

We plan to deliver the Microsoft Cloud including Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365  from datacenters located in Johannesburg and Cape Town, with initial availability in 2018. These new Microsoft Cloud regions will offer enterprise-grade reliability and performance combined with data residency.

Customers across Africa, including local startups and NGOs, will be able to use the cloud services delivered from these new regions to power innovation and opportunity for Africa and the world. For example:

  • M-KOPA Solar has used mobile and cloud technology to develop an affordable pay-as-you-go solar energy solution to provide electricity to more than 500,000 homes.
  • AGIN has leveraged the cloud to enable an app to connect 140,000 smallholder farmers to key services, enabling them to share data and facilitate $1.3 million per month in finance, insurance and other services.

This announcement brings us to 40 cloud regions around the world more than any other cloud provider and will help organizations and people from Cairo to Cape Town accelerate their journey to cloud computing.

This new investment is also major milestone in our mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more, part of our ongoing effort to create a Cloud for Global Good and an extension of the efforts we have put in place to invest in Africa, including:

  • Helping to transform and modernize 728,000 small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) by bringing their companies online, with more than 17,000 continuing to use the 4Afrika hub to promote and grow their businesses.
  • Using the Microsoft Cloud to bring access to training and education, building job skills for more than 775,000 people in Africa on subjects ranging from digital literacy to software development.

You can read additional details at the Microsoft MEA News Center and stay tuned for more news about cloud-enabled innovation in Africa.”